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Training and Learning

Training When and Where It’s Needed

Training for employees, partners, and customers is critical to increasing productivity and profitability, and in these tough times, maximum performance is a must. Just because your budget is tight, you don't need to lower your standards and expectations. The Hughes suite of training products enables any company to offer high-impact training, whether it be live training that can be archived for later review, rich media training via a private television network, or on-demand training that is available online.

Private Network

Hughes training solutions employ a virtual private network to deliver a consistent user experience to students at all sites. Bypassing the Internet and its congestion and vulnerabilities, our solutions offer high security and service uniformity. Their many capabilities include addressing organization-specific needs such as interactive television, streaming video to the desktop, large file transfers, and encrypted video.

Taking the Classroom to the Student

Organizations around the world are leveraging the benefits of Hughes satellite broadband technology to cost-effectively deliver employee training and distance education to virtual classrooms in multiple locations. Whether the goal is to maintain a strong, well-trained workforce or to provide classes to schools in remote areas, Hughes training solutions take the classroom to the student, wherever the location.

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