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Emergency Communications

Get mission-critical applications back online—fast.

Stay Connected Even in an Emergency

When disaster strikes and terrestrial networks are most vulnerable to fail, you can rely on Hughes Emergency Solutions powered by advanced broadband satellite technology to get mission-critical applications back online—fast.

Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Recovery

Fast and secure access to shared information is essential for federal, state, and local agencies to prepare for emergencies and to respond in an effective and coordinated manner when disaster strikes. That demands an integrated and highly reliable information network architecture, where the resources are always in place and ready for action.

Satellite communications solutions from Hughes provide the vital links when disaster strikes—with instant infrastructure when terrestrial communications are damaged or knocked out. Hughes can accommodate virtually any emergency communications need with a broad portfolio of off-the-shelf networking solutions and services. Hughes broadband satellite service is scalable and readily deployable—whether across the city, state or nation. Bandwidth requirements are sized as the job dictates—for efficient management of resources and budget. What’s more, Hughes operates highly secure satellite network management centers across the nation—a true alternative infrastructure that stays up and running when terrestrial systems fail. With Hughes Emergency Solutions, government agencies can plan ahead—before an emergency occurs—and respond quickly to manage recovery when disaster strikes.

Business Internet

Hughes broadband satellite service is available nationwide with a variety of affordable service plans to meet the needs of every agency and location. For emergency recovery efforts, vehicle-mount terminals and flyaway kits set up easily and quickly with a mobile, self-pointing antenna system for instant, high-speed connectivity—even in the most remote locations.

Satellite Solutions

Hughes integrated, turnkey solutions include a choice of high-performance, onsite routers, such as the SPACEWAY 3-enabled HN 9000 and the advanced HX System family, accommodating a comprehensive range of emergency communications needs, including data, VoIP, and video.

Satellite Capacity

All satellite-based solutions from Hughes are delivered with the required satellite bandwidth and transponder capacity, and with bandwidth expansion options to accommodate future growth. Hughes employs a wide range of satellites across the globe to ensure bandwidth delivery wherever it’s needed.

Integrated Customized Solutions

Hughes also develops customized turnkey broadband systems, products, and managed services to meet the most demanding COOP requirements.

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