Managed Services

Outsourced Network Operations

End-to-end operations of your network to ensure smooth functionality and high performance.

Network Operations are the foothold of all the effort and innovation that go into the design and development of all networks, where the objective is to deliver the unrivalled quality of services, enabling users to unleash their network connectivity to its maximum potential. This is where the services are managed, network status is monitored and issues are diagnosed and fixed. Hughes provides outsourced network operations to ensure smooth functionality and high performance of your network.

Hughes has developed extensive set of tools to monitor and manage a large scale and diverse networks.

Some of the network operations functions include:

  1. Network Management and monitoring of gateway and remote components for events and alarm, Trouble ticket creation and management using customer facing web portal, Inventory management, asset tracking, etc.
  2. Monitoring of traffic at different network egress and Ingress points across multiple gateways to ensure network performance
  3. Subscriber management

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